Email Recovery tool for Windows Live Mail

Data recovery software to restore Windows Live Mail emails, folders and accounts.

Windows Live Mail Recovery (aka WLMR) is a highly effective tool for restoring your email data. Developed specifically for popular free email client Windows Live Mail, it uses several different approaches in combination with one another to restore your data. This has allowed us to achieve maximum possible data recovery effectiveness. A further characteristic of WLMR is its exceptional practicality and ease of use. No specialist technical knowledge is required!

Main features:
  • Restore deleted Windows Live Mail emails, folders and accounts
  • Recover messages after hard disk formatting, reinstallation of OS, etc.
  • All attachments are also recovered
  • Preview recovered emails
  • Sort the list of recovered messages
  • Filter e-mail messages to select only those you require
  • Rename restored email files on saving to disk
Windows Live Mail Recovery works in two modes:
  • "Scan email store" mode - use this mode if you have accidentally deleted individual emails or an entire email folder. Conveniently, recovered emails will be stored in the folders they were originally deleted from. The recovery limit is up to several weeks (depending upon your computer configuration). If recovery in this mode is unsuccessful, use the "Scan entire disk" mode.
  • "Scan entire disk" mode - use this mode if you have formatted your hard disk, reinstalled your operating system, or carried out a similar activity. In this mode the program restores the maximum possible number of emails. In most cases, it will even restore emails that were deleted years ago!

Free Demo Version available

Use the free demo version of Windows Live Mail Recovery to confirm that it is possible to restore your data. You will be able to see a list of recovered messages and folders, as well as their contents. The demo version only has one limitation: it does not allow recovered emails and folders to be saved to the hard disk. In order to save, you will need to activate the program.